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Despite a sprained lateral collateral ligament in his right knee, Dallas Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith will play against the Seattle Seahawks  online on Sunday.



Smith went through his normal pregame stretching routine with strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicik and was pronounced fit to play with china wholesale jerseys online. He is wearing a wrap on his knee and normally wears a brace as well. He went through one limited practice during the week and was listed as questionable.

Smith suffered the injury in the fourth quarter of last week’s victory over the Oakland Raiders. Protecting themselves against Smith not being able to play a full game, the Cowboys will have backup tackles Byron Bell and Chaz Green both active.

Bell took the first-team snaps in practice during the week.

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By the way, Dez still thinks he caught it.

“Without a doubt,” Bryant said. “I snagged that thing and came down, too.”

Steratore was at the center of attention Sunday as well. He used a piece of paper to affirm a first down for Dak Prescott on a quarterback sneak. Replay was called on to overturn a Raiders touchdown on an interception return by Sean Smith wholesale NFL jerseys when it was clear he was touched by Cole Beasley. He denied a Cowboys challenge of an Oakland first-down catch and correctly ruled Jason Witten did not get the yard he needed for a first down, setting up Prescott’s sneak.

Had the piece of paper not affirmed Steratore’s ruling, Jason Garrett was ready to challenge that jerseys wholesale spot.

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“To be honest with your jerseys wholesale online, we thought that it was spotted short, from our vantage point,” Garrett said. “We felt like he made more than they gave us. As we all know, it’s hard to overturn those in a big scrum like that. I do think at that moment, because it was such a critical play in the game, if it did go against us we probably would’ve challenged.”

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The Cowboys’ playoff chances are better but still not in their control. They will likely need to win their final two games and need the Atlanta Falcons to lose two of their last three games and the Detroit Lions to lose one of their final two wholesale jerseys online games.

“Nothing has changed,” Prescott said. “We know where we find wholesale jerseys online. Our backs are against the wall. We’ve got to win and that is what this team is about. We’re excited and we’re loving these matchups. We’re loving the position we’re in. It is what it is. We got ourselves here and we’re excited about next week. Just one at a time.”